Sam and Peter : Romantic hilltop editorial shoot on St. John : Virgin Islands Wedding Photographer

Back when I first started out with photography, Sam and Peter had contacted me about doing an editorial shoot for her fashion blog The Eye Travels. I was totally down and slightly nervous because I was still so new in the game. She then mentioned that she wanted to do nighttime photos on the beach, in complete darkness. At first I was like.. NOPE. No no no. I don’t know enough about lighting, this is in over my head. But we did it anyways, and those photos remain some of my favorite photos ever taken. Looking at them now, I think there are a million things that I could have done better, but those photos represent a time in my life when I was constantly gripping on to faith in myself and hoping for the best. I grew quickly because of that, and I’m so grateful for it. It was terrifying but damn am I proud of that shift. I’m still moving. I think as soon as we’re done learning, we’re done creating. Ammmirightt?

And now 5 years later, Sam contacted me about an anniversary shoot and obviously I was in. I love these two and I love collaborating with them and they will always represent something so positive for me. Check it out!! And maybe sometime I’ll do a blog post on those nighttime beach images!

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