Ahhhh this trip. I wish I even had the words. This trip was so good for my soul, and carries such a special place for me I don't even know how to describe it. In the middle of wedding season, where I was starting to feel tired creatively and in desperate need of some grounding, my husband and I bought tickets last minute and made our way to Iceland on the one free week we had together. We rented out a camper van and drove along the coast all the way around Iceland, where the days were long and the sun would slowly set at 1:00 in the morning. Such a feeling of freedom and adventure, driving on the wide open road with nothing to worry about but what songs we wanted to play and what places we wanted to see. Every day ended with finding a place to camp off the side of the road, where the view was ridiculous, the fog was rising, hair was tangled and cheeks were red. Feeling more alive than I had in a long time. This country is one of the dreamiest and most enchanting places I've ever experienced and I felt like I was in a dream... or Narnia.. one of the two. To step out of your bubble for a minute, get on a plane and go way out into the middle of nowhere where nature was abundant and technology was not, was one of the most rejuvenating and soul filling trips of my life. Thank you Iceland, for sharing your goodness with us, and bringing me back to life. Check out a few of my fav pics! 

And if you haven't seen it.. there's a sweet little home video at the end :)