Alex and Brendan :: Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands Wedding Photographer

This family.. this sweetest ever family. Let me start by saying, during dinnertime for most weddings, my second shooter and I usually step away to give everyone their privacy, and pop out to capture all of the in-between moments so everyone can enjoy their dinner knowing that there isn't a camera closeby. We step back in for speeches, toasts, clinking glasses, and all of the happenings but for the most part, we like to give everyone their space for that part of the day. When we arrived to Alex and Brendan's dinner on Saba Rock, their small table was sitting out on the dock in a private area over the water and under the stars,  and they had two table settings set up for us right next to everyone at their table. So not only did we get to hang out with everyone and get to know their friends, but we were right there with them, tearing up during speeches, listening to all of their stories from their years together, and clinking glasses with their families. It was so intimate and special and we just felt so welcome. It's most definitely a dinner that we will never forget, and thank you to Alex and Brendan for welcoming us into your beautiful day. Check out a few of my favs!

Reception Venue: Saba Rock