Year in Review :: An Ode to Swanny

This year, instead of a year in review with all of my favorite photos of the year, I think it’s only appropriate to write a little ode to my special lady, my other half, my second shooter and partner in crime… Miss Sarah B Swanny.  For this past year she has been behind the scenes on anything and everything that you've seen and to be honest, I'm really not sure how any of the amazing things we've done would have been possible without her. So Swanny this is for you.. 

Dearest Sarah Swanny,

Thank you for showing up for every wedding with a smile on your face and always bringing your red lipstick in case I forgot mine. Thank you for instantly making every single family member love you, even the grumpy grandpa who yelled at you last year, I think you won him over in the end. Thank you for always saying "you got it" even when I'm being annoying, and always knowing what I need even before I do. Thank you for your amazing eye and knowing the exact shots I'm looking for, and killing it with your camera skills every time. Thank you for lugging all of my bags all over the Caribbean, especially the times where I completely forget about them and I turn around to find you schlepping them up a hill.. telling me to go ahead.. even though you're sweating in your awesome pantsuit in the hot beaming sun. Thank you for giving me that look.. you know the look when I'm freaking out because the sun is going down so fast and I still need to get so many photos .. and you just give me that chill out it's gonna be all good look.. because it always is.  Thank you for standing over me with an umbrella during a down pouring ceremony, siamese twin style, with water pouring down your back, saying you're fine the whole time.  Thank you for showing up to a shoot, even though it was your day off, with the second camera in case I wanted some extra shots... and someone to carry the bags. 

Thank you for always holding the hanging dress in the gusting wind, and jetting out of the shot as as fast as you can when it stops.

Thanks for always standing in position so I can test the light.... and always being ridiculous while you do it. 

And holding every vail.. fixing every dress.. and adjusting every flyaway. Discreetly of course.. 

Thanks for getting the wedding parties in position like a boss.. 

And helping me pose a couple from a mile away 

And being on the spot, in case the veil needs to be under your Swanny control.. all while ducking out of the shot... or not.

And waking up at the crack of dawn with me to scout out locations...

And still having a smile on your face on this day, when the airline lost your bag and you were forced to buy a knee length mom romper from a shop in Puerto Rico.

I wouldn’t want to adventure all over these islands with anyone else. I wouldn't want to be on the scariest plane ride to Puerto Rico without you nervously laughing the whole time. And I definitely wouldn't want to be driving down that gut on Jost Van Dyke in a cube car while blasting Miley Cyrus with anyone else. I wouldn't want to see anyone else drop the mic on Necker Island,  or cry for almost every first dance. And I definitely wouldn't want to climb through the mangroves in the middle of nowhere with anyone else...that was a day. But really I wouldn’t want to do any of it without you.

So my dearest Swanny, thank you for always pushing me, and more than anything thank you for not just being an awesome partner in crime but a best friend. I'm so darn lucky to have someone like you in my life. Here's to 2016 bud.