Jenny and Austin :: St John Virgin Islands Lifestyle Photographer

This night was one of those nights.. with the waves crashing and the sun going down as the full moon rose..perfectly magical.  On top of that, the cutest couple ever. I’ve worked with Jenny on a few projects in the past and we always have so much fun together. She’s one of those people who I truly see her vision and she sees mine so when she contacted me to do a couples session with her and her man I was ecstatic.  These two are so damn cute and their love is infectious. You can feel their connection and the years of love they have. Not to mention their cute pup Daisy who tagged along for some running around in the sand and digging up of treasures. As the sun took it’s descent over the hill and the moon rose up in front of us, we took a minute to soak it up and went on our way. It was one of those nights where I felt truly lucky to live here and to spend my days with such wonderful people. Take a look at a few of my favs!