A-List Photographer in Destination Weddings Magazine

This last week I shot my first wedding on St. Croix. It was my first time visiting and this trip really had me inspired for so many reasons. I kept thinking about how incredible this job is and how lucky I feel for getting to live out my passion and also how fear used to hold me back from this very thing.  I had a moment while I was on the seaplane looking back at my little island in the distance and the big island in front of me. It was so beautiful up there and I kept thinking about how letting go of fear had got me there, at that very moment. I spent so many years ignoring my instinct to get into photography as a career because I was scared of rejection. I was scared that people wouldn't like my work, or that I wouldn't be good enough. I decided to just try it, to just put myself out there and now three years later.. I'm sitting up in this seaplane, with a birds eye view of this beautiful home that I'm so grateful to live in and excited to shoot a wedding in a fun new place. I had a full day of adventure when I got there, driving around and exploring, wandering through a hidden botanical garden and sitting on the dock at sunset taking it all in and getting inspired on shots for the next day. It was one of those great weeks, with great people and some good adventures. 

To top it all off, I came home yesterday all full of glitter after an amazing trip, to find a copy of the new Destination Weddings magazine in the mail. I was chosen alongside three other photographers as an A List Photographer for their 2016 planning guide.  Flipping through this magazine, looking at all of these photos that I poured my whole heart into, I'm just so grateful and honored. I'm standing alongside so many amazing vendors and incredible photographers and wondering how I got here. 

Fear is always there, and it always will be, but this magazine is a reminder to keep pushing myself, and to keep pushing outside of my boundaries. It reminds me to always listen to my gut even if it's a little uncomfortable because if I don't try I'll never know. If I didn't try three years ago, I wouldn't be sitting here all starry eyed celebrating such a wonderful achievement. It's a reminder that there really won't ever be an end, I will keep pushing and keep learning and I will always dive into this with a full heart because I love photography to my core. This life is so short and there's so much out there to see and feel and experience if we just open up to it. Let go of fear and listen to your heart friends, you never know what could happen.